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Services - Offered by Tradespan

At Tradespan we offer a variety of services to fill all of your shipping needs, from packing, crating and palletizing to containers for moving. Below is a short listing of these services. If you have any questions or would like a free estimate. Please feel free to Contact us, we are here to serve you.

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Although it is best to leave items into their original packing, if this packaging isn't available then the next best solution is to have us pack your items. We offer a number of different types of packaging to ensure that your shipment arrives safely.

Displayed here is an example of a repacked refrigerator. We use only new materials for packaging, also notice that the package is strapped to a skid. When items are palletized they are not handled by hand which will greatly reduce the chances of any damage to the parcel. Instead they are easily handled by forklift, ensuring that dropping or shifting does not occur. Image of a package on a skid
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To find out what type of packaging you may require please Contact us.

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Image of a pallet
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All large items we pack are put on pallets. If you have many small boxes or fragile items it may be wise to have them palletized. Palletizing consists of stacking items onto a palette. To fully minimize the size, the items are them cardboard packed or shrink wrapped to the skid. This ensures that they are only carried by forklift. Shown here is an example of boxes that have been palletized. You will notice that they are shrink-wrapped together (boxes are rather durable and do not require further packing), more delicate items such as furniture would first be enclosed in cardboard packing to reduce the risk of damage.

To find out what type of packaging you may require please Contact us.

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Fragile and electronic items should be crated. We build our own crates to suit the needs of the shipment, using only new materials we will be able to build a crate for the most fragile of items. Many items such as televisions or glass items can not be insured under all risk insurance unless they are crated.

To find out what type of packaging you may require please Contact us.

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Tradespan offers many solutions for returning residence, from leasing of containers to full packing and moving services.

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Image of a packages outside of a container Image of packages inside of a container Image of packages braced inside of a container Image of a container
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The images above depict the many steps in filling and packaging a container. All furniture items are packaged before being placed into the container [Image1]. All items are properly packed into the container to fully utilize the space available[Image2]. The items are then braced inside of the container to eliminate any movement of items during the shipment process[Image3].
A 40-foot container was used for this move[Image4], however you may not require such a large overseas container. Smaller containers are available. As well as a service called LCL (less than container load). With LCL shipments you pay by the cubic foot for the space that you take up.

To find out more about our moving services or container leasing information please Contact us.

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Image of a container
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At Tradespan we are able to provide any type of container to suit your needs. We pack containers at our warehouse and are also able to bring containers directly to another location, if that better suits your needs.

To find out more about containers please Contact us.

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Through our underwriters we can offer two types of marine insurance, Total Loss and All Risk.

All Risk
Covers your shipment for any damages or losses. Items that remain in their original packing or that qualified persons have packed qualify All Risk Insurance.

Total Loss Insurance (F.P.A. Including JWOB)
Will only cover your shipment for total loss of a package. Anything that is not in its original packaging or is packed by persons other than those deemed qualified by the insurance company may not be covered with total loss insurance. It does not cover for any damages that might occur during shipping.
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